Math Final Reviews from the District

Here is the link to the Math Final Reviews for:
Algebra I, Algebra IA, Algebra IB, Geometry and Algebra II

Update: The Geometry Review and answers are now posted in the folder.

More info for the final: Calculators are allowed. You may bring one standard sized piece of paper (front and back) with any notes you'd to use on the final. The notepage must be in your own writing. Also, the final for the district math tests are long so be prepared for them to take you 1.5-2 hours.

Algebra 1A Review had some errors and were corrected on Friday May 27. If you had the original version, here are the changes:

#5 - Answer should be opposite reciprocal
#14 - Answer should be -20
#26 - Answer should be (7,-1)
#39 - Answer should be yes because every point has one output.  (2,1) was repeated.
#44 - Answer should be y < -1/2x + 4  (line is dashed and shaded below, though it's a bit unclear).
#45 - Answer should be y = 2x - 3 (was misnumbered on answer key)

Geometry Review Errors:

#4- Answer should be BCD=32 
#9-All are technically correct,  however on the final it should be clearer that there are multiple correct answers.
#23 - Answer should be x=12 
#45- Answers should be a)175, b)265, and c)120
#47- Answer should be QR=77 
#57- 31pi/30 (the key's answer of 93pi/90 can be simplified)
#59-the meters should be cubed, not squared (but answer is correct)
#61- Answer should be 70.5 sq cm